Thursday, October 1, 2009

FUCK This Mixtape!

Are you one of those boring soup loving fucktards? OR... do you like to make wet love to a compact disc full of hot and sweaty music? If you chose the latter(you should probably get down from there)you have been matched up by scientific equations and shit to go on a blind date with FUCK This Mixtape! 20 songs of ear-raping power-violence, thrash, punk, grind, and some down-tempo metal to karate chop your ass in the right direction. Well... what are you waiting for, this shits free... so yeah, take your finger out of your butt, click download, and maybe discover something new.

01 - Spazz - Let's Fucking Go!!!
02 - limp wrist - give me a fuckin break
03 - Extortion - Get Fucked
04 - Fuck On The Beach - Never No Skin Fuck
05 - xfilesx-fuck_em
06 - bracewar - stay the fuck away from me
07 - charles bronson - fuckin drunken uncle
08 - void - who the fuck are you
09 - mika miko - fuckin' zombies
10 - le shok - i don't want to learn your fucking lesson
11 - wasted youth - Fuck Authority
12 - against all authority - Another Fuck You Song
13 - the partisans - I Don't Give a Fuck
14 - dead kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
15 - the fucking wrath - to the eels
16 - Bathtub Shitter - Fuck Hip Raper
17 - thou - Fucking Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean
18 - audio kollaps-fick die u.s.a.
19 - anal cunt - youre old fuck you
20 - fear - Fuck Christmas


diary #1

today i talked to an austrailian father.
but the stories i told left him quite bothered.
my feelings were hurt, id forever be scarred.
so i threw the old man out of a moving car.
im pretty pissed though, cuz i think he survived.
but i guess we werent that going fast, only about 85.
i left a gift to say sorry, but he stepped on it and it snapped.
i bet he regrets it though, cuz it was an industrial bear trap.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

taco sandwich

i love sandwiches, dont get me wrong,
but i wish there was more between those two slices.
so i racked my brain, thought hard and thought long,
tryed many ingredients and different spices.

but nothing i tryed tasted good at all,
in fact they made my taste buds bleed.
so i pictured a sandwich all tasty and tall,
and at last realized what it would need.

i made a sandwich like i normally would,
then i made a taco, the best id ever seen.
i said let there be a taco sandwich and it was good.
now theyre served everynight in my dreams.

gun tree

at the house where i live there is a backyard
and we have many plans for it.
but all that i want is a tree that grows guns
cuz that would be fucking legit.

id give one to my neighbor and one to a cloud
and id save the best one for me.
id shoot cops all day and rest in the shade
of the branches of my gun tree.